Lloyd-Baker Collection

The Friends of the Cotswolds houses the collection at The Old Prison on behalf of the of Cotswold District Council and ensures that it can be enjoyed by locals and visitors free of charge.


A Gloucestershire box waggon built for Fredrick Nunney and used throughout its life on his farm at Fiddler's Green, Cheltenham. 1880’s to the early twentieth century.


A hybrid waggon from the Lloyd-Baker Collection. The undercarriage is from a box waggon, the top from a bow. It dates from around 1900 to 1950.


A Cotswold/South Midlands bow waggon from Apperley in north Gloucestershire, from the Lloyd-Baker Collection. This is an old waggon, undated but believed to be 19th century (circa 1880)..


A blue timber waggon from the Lloyd-Baker Collection. It was used to carry loads of timber, often sawn tree trunks, from the woods to the sawmills. The length of the waggon can be adjusted by moving the central pin. It has single hooped wheels and is double shafted and dates from around 1880.


The Corinium Museum – Cirencester

Image’s courtesy of The Corinium Museum


A road waggon, sprung front and back, used by farmers and small businessmen to carry goods by road. From the Lloyd-Baker Collection. Believed to date from circa 1910.


A box waggon. A heavy goods haulage vehicle, or miller's waggon from Gloucester, part of the Lloyd-Baker Collection. Believed to date from around 1880.