the design of the old prison in northleach was deemed one of the most original and became a fine example of a model prison. built in the late 1700's it later inspired better care and rehabilitation of prisoners throughout Britain and beyond. 


doors closed to convicted prisoners less than one hundred years later (although a small number were still sent here to serve a remand period) and over the next century, the building was adapted and utilised in multiple ways.

in 2012, after forming as a charity the "friend of the Cotswolds" raised sufficient funds to purchase the old prison to secure the building's future and started to carry out significant structural repairs and improvements.

the hospitality and catering opportunities afforded by the historical venue were recognised by the relish Group, an established and highly regarded catering business operating across the Cotswolds. taking on the lease to operate the kitchen and café, the team are proud to serve artisan coffees, brunch classics, homemade cakes and lunchtime specials, providing a truly unique experience for locals and visitors alike.