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Here at the Friends of the Cotswolds we've made it our mission to protect and enhance the region's unique heritage, environment and culture. Having purchased the Old Prison in 2013, we strive to protect this important heritage site and share its stories with our visitors. 

There are plenty of ways to help!

Prison - Community Garden

Community Projects

Not only do we want to share our cultural heritage, we also want to strengthen our ties with our community. 

We’d love to connect with a wider range of people through our work at the Old Prison. 


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The lifeblood of charities

We love working with volunteers and are growing our volunteer programme at the Old Prison. 

Trash Picking

Available Roles

Training Dates for Volunteers

Types of training on the set date will depend upon interest. If these dates will not suit your schedule, please do get in touch and we will accommodate your schedule. 

19 November: Garden Volunteers - Come Plant with Us! 

30th Number

21st December

25th January

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