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Christmas Tree Pop-Up

On the  7th and 8th December, The Nursery at Miserden is hosting a Christmas Tree Pop-Up Sale between 10 am and 4 pm at The Old Prison, Northleach. It's the perfect opportunity to buy a Christmas Tree.

At the Christmas Tree Pop-Up this weekend there will be FREE mulled wine, mince pies and brownies on offer.

Nordmann Fir

The Tree that the team will be selling at the Pop-Up shop is the Nordmann Fir. The Nordmann Fir is also known as the Non-Drop Tree as it keeps its needles throughout the festive season. 

The last thing you want at your home or office is needles left everywhere from your Christmas Tree. That is why the Nordmann Fir is the perfect tree for you.  The Nordmann Fir allows you to have a real Christmas Tree inside without worrying about the mess and the needles dropping.

As you may know, The Nursery at Miserden dressed The Old Prison Cafe when it opened, and all of their plants are available to buy in the cafe. We are thrilled to have collaborated with them on this project. We have had great reviews from our customers who have bought their products from our cafe due to the high quality. They, also, have a great reputation throughout the country.

The Nursery at Miserden has been supplying an extensive range of Christmas Trees for almost 20 years and from November 30th they've been stocking freshly-cut Nordmann Fir, Fraser Fir, Norway Spruce and Blue Spruce trees in sizes ranging from 3ft to 11ft. Visit the nursery to see their full range or click the link below to find out more.

All cut trees may shed some needles if they dry out even if they are nicknamed the Non-Drop Tree. Try to minimize this by:

  • Choosing a fresh tree with no signs of dry branches

  • Keep the tree outside, standing in water until needed inside

  • Before bringing in, cut 1 inch off the base of the trunk

  • Mount in water-holding stand or bucket

  • Place in a room away from direct heat such as fires or radiators

  • Keep the water topped up daily – you’ll be surprised how much they drink!

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